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The Pontiac Amarok is an adventurous vehicle intended to take the driver and 4 passengers on a journy to spectate the Iditarod dog sleeding race in the Alaskan wilderness. The vehicle uses a microfluidic powersource to power electric motors and batteries and also produce heat which is radiantly distributed throughout the occupant compartment. Aesthetically, the vehicle is inspired by canine attributes and an athletic demeanor, in an effort to create a vehicle that is
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From conception to completion. Starting with the earliest doodle to sketch ideation and on to the final concept, each project is presented in an edited format. This is a space where a selection of my work is collected and on display.
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A documentation of my career and experiences.
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Acura Entropy
As an industrial design student, I have attempted to find the balance between problem solving and aesthetically driven design. Solving user issues, creating visually appealing projects, and where approriate, inplementing new technologies to create holistic design solutions has been the goal of the projects that I have completed in the journey to start my career in the design field.
This site is the online collection of work from Cleveland Institute of Art graduate, Brandon Lynum. As a student in CIA’s Industrial Design program, I focused on automotive design during my tenure as a CIA student. Successfully completing the coursework, I graduated in May of 2009 and recieved my BA in Industrial Design. Since such time, I have been actively pursuing work in the industrial design or automotive design field.